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Understanding the Causes of Toothaches and Treatment Options

Does a toothache sound familiar? Tooth pain affects eating, sleeping, concentrating, and other everyday activities. While certain toothaches can be managed with home remedies, others need the attention of a dentist for immediate and long-term pain relief. 

Southern Pine Dental in Dothan, Alabama, understands the importance of quick intervention to relieve a toothache. If your toothache doesn’t respond to home remedies or the pain is excruciating, book an appointment with our dentists, Drs. Durwood Nowell Jr. and Brooke Bell. We offer fillings, dental crowns, and other treatments for toothache relief.

Causes of toothaches

A toothache can be an incredibly uncomfortable and distressing experience, often accompanied by a sharp, stabbing, or throbbing pain around the tooth and entire jaw. Toothaches can also cause pain that radiates to the face, ears, and head.

Toothaches can be caused by:

  • A cracked or chipped tooth
  • A dental abscess
  • Cavities
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • A broken or loose filling or crown
  • Botched dental treatments

While toothaches can’t be prevented entirely, preventive dentistry can go a long way in keeping toothaches in check. To keep your smile pain-free, brush your teeth every day, floss daily, visit your dentist bi-annually, and wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from bruxism and injuries.

Treatments for toothaches 

Whether your toothache is mild or severe, it’s a sign that something is wrong in your mouth. Delaying toothache treatment can compromise oral health, requiring extensive and expensive treatments. If you are concerned with your toothache, book an appointment with a dentist for treatment.

After diagnosing the cause of your tooth pain, possible treatments include: 

  • Dental fillings: If a cavity is causing the pain, we’ll remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it with a composite filling.
  • Dental crowns: Teeth that are extensively damaged or have undergone root canal treatment need dental crowns to protect and strengthen them against further damage.  
  • Root canal therapy: An infected or abscessed tooth may need a root canal to relieve pain and restore oral health. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp and sealing the tooth.
  • Tooth extraction: We recommend extraction if a tooth is severely damaged or cannot be salvaged.

Our dental team may also provide toothache relief with prescription medications. We may also prescribe antibiotics or painkillers to manage the discomfort associated with toothaches and infections.

Toothache relief near me

Are you battling a toothache that doesn’t yield to home remedies? Don’t continue with the suffering. Instead, please call (334) 686-0843 to schedule an appointment with Southern Pine Dental for long-lasting relief. Take charge of your oral health today by visiting or talking to our office.

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