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Treat Decay-prone Teeth with Discreet Dental Sealants

Some teeth have tiny grooves and pits that accumulate dental calculus — not because the person has poor oral hygiene — but because the pits are too narrow for the toothbrush to penetrate. When plaque accumulates, it invites harmful bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay. Dr. Durwood Nowell has a simple, discreet method to protect teeth against tooth decay. Southern Pine Dental in Dothan, Alabama, uses dental sealants to protect your teeth around the clock.

What are dental sealants?

Brushing and flossing are great ways to keep your teeth clean. However, your at-home dental care can’t access all the nooks and crannies in your teeth, especially the posterior teeth. Uncleaned tooth surfaces accumulate calculus, which invites decay-causing bacteria.

A dental sealant is a colorless, plastic coating a dentist applies to the chewing surfaces of your teeth to seal out harmful bacteria. While dental sealants are common for children, adults battling tooth decay can benefit, too. Alongside at-home dental care, dental sealants are an easy and affordable method to preserve your teeth.

How to apply dental sealants

Applying dental sealants is pretty straightforward. No anesthesia or tooth preparation is required. The dental sealant procedure involves the steps below.

  • Our dental team thoroughly cleans your tooth to ensure no debris remains between the teeth. 
  • After drying your teeth, we roughen them by applying an acidic solution. This creates a suitable bonding environment between the teeth and the sealant.
  • After rinsing off the solution and drying your teeth, we apply the coating to your prepped teeth. We then harden the sealant with a curing light. We can repeat this process up to three times to ensure the layer is thick enough to protect your teeth.

While dental sealant treatment takes a few minutes, the effects are long-lasting. Your dental sealants can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. However, you may need reapplication when we notice signs of wear and tear.

Preventive dentistry with dental sealants

Are you or your child battling tooth decay? Southern Pine Dental can help you overcome troublesome dental cavities with natural-looking dental sealants. Please dial (334) 686-0843 to protect your smile today. 

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