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Reclaim Your Complete Smile with Numerous Tooth Replacement Options

Whether you’ve lost your teeth to injury, disease, or decay, you should replace what you’ve lost. Besides the obvious effect on your smile appeal, missing teeth cause numerous functional and oral health issues. Gaps in your mouth affect your chewing and speaking ability. Furthermore, tooth loss causes bone loss and affects your bite, which puts you at risk of health complications like TMJ disorder and bruxism.

If you have lost teeth, replacement options at Southern Pine Dental can have you enjoying the benefits of a complete smile. Drs. Durwood Nowell Jr. and Brooke Bell offer dental bridges, implants, and dentures to replace missing or failing teeth for a functional, complete smile.

Discover your complete smile with our teeth replacement options

We understand various patients have numerous preferences or oral health needs when looking to replace missing teeth. If you are battling tooth loss, our office has something for everyone.

These are our restorative treatments for tooth loss.

  • Dental bridges: Alongside dental crowns, dental bridges can replace one or multiple teeth in a row. A bridge has a set of one or more prosthetic teeth (pontics) customized to seamlessly fit into the edentulous gap. Traditional bridges are supported by adjacent teeth, but you can opt for implant-supported bridges for optimal stability and predictability. 
  • Dentures: Full dentures are the most cost-effective option for replacing teeth for patients with extensive tooth loss. Consisting of real-looking artificial teeth resting on a gum-colored base, complete dentures skillfully restore your smile’s function and beauty like natural teeth. Conventional dentures are secured with suction and adhesives, but many patients prefer implant-supported dentures to enjoy the beauty of dentures and stability of implants.
  • Dental implants: Dental implants are everything you’d need in a tooth replacement. They are strong, durable, life-like, and functional. If you have sufficient jawbone and otherwise good health, you’re a prime candidate for dental implants. Unlike other tooth replacements, dental implants are surgically inserted in your jawbone to replicate your natural tooth root. Once we restore your implant with a crown, you’ll smile, eat, and talk like you never lost teeth.

All teeth replacement options in Dothan, AL, aren’t created equal. And the difference is in our dental team’s attention to detail that makes your smile beautiful and functional. Say goodbye to your toothless smile. Please call (334) 686-0843 to reserve an appointment with Southern Pine Dental.

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