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Cavity treatment with Nearly Invisible and Safe Composite Fillings

If you’ve never had a cavity, congratulations! You are among the lucky few. According to the CDC, at least 90% of Americans aged 20 and above have had at least one cavity. Poor oral hygiene is the main culprit for cavities, resulting in harmful bacteria feeding on starches and sugars left in the mouth. As the bacteria feed, they secret acids that demineralize or weaken the enamel. Repeated acid attacks can lead to enamel erosion and the formation of tiny holes or weak spots (cavities) in the tooth’s surface.

While cavities are common, they’re easily treatable with dental fillings at a Dothan, Alabama, dental office. Southern Pine Dental uses tooth-colored (composite) fillings to overcome cavities. 

Cavity filling procedure: What to expect

Cavity treatment is one of the most straightforward procedures in dentistry. This treatment is painless and requires one office visit. The treatment starts by numbing your gums with local anesthesia, although surface cavities don’t need this step.

Once you’re comfortable, we start with tooth preparation. From mild to moderate cavities, our composite filling treatment conserves as much of your original tooth as possible. We remove the decayed portion and clean it thoroughly to eliminate all bacteria. 

Next, we fill the void with composite resin, which is then hardened using a curing light. Following this, we carefully reshape the treated tooth to ensure a comfortable bite. The final step involves polishing the tooth to achieve a natural and seamless finish.

Benefits of composite fillings

When you come to our office with a cavity, we don’t just fill the hole. We want to treat your cavity while preserving the natural aesthetics of your smile. Unlike silver fillings, tooth-colored fillings produce aesthetically appealing results. Once we treat your decay with a composite filling, no one will tell you ever had a cavity! 

Besides aesthetics, composite fillings have other benefits, including.

  • Versatility to treat teeth anywhere in the mouth, including back and front teeth
  • They are biocompatible
  • Don’t contain toxic substances
  • Are resistant to temperature changes
  • The procedure is conservative
  • Seamlessly bond with your tooth for optimal protection

Our team has extensive experience and skills when it comes to tooth-colored restorations. If you are interested in composite fillings in Dothan, AL, please dial (334) 686-0843 to book an appointment with Dr. Durwood Nowell Jr. or Dr. Brooke Bell. You’ll be surprised how much a single composite filling can transform your smile.

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